The first consultation will last an hour. A full case history, an examination and treatment will be given during the first consultation. A treatment plan will be discussed and paediatrician, GP or other specialist may be integrated into the plan. At Kennington Osteopaths we work closely with other health care professionals to provide an integrated approach for the children and babies. Osteopathic treatment may involve cranial and structural techniques and children and babies are often relaxed during treatment.
Some of the most common conditions that we see are:

Continuous coughs/colds and osteopathy

Some children are very narrow through the face which is exaggerated by a high palate in the roof of their mouths. This prevents fluid drainage. Osteopathy helps open these spaces so that children with continuous coughs and colds can drain better. Children will get coughs and colds but the aim of osteopathy is that the symptoms will last 3-4 days rather than 3-4 weeks.

Osteopathic treatment for Childrens back pain, headaches, neck pain – Musculo-skeletal Problem

Children do experience aches and pains. Children do get back pain and headaches and a child who is complaining frequently of aches and pains should be examined. Treatment is similar to that of an adult but more gentle. Diagnosis is important to find out why the child is experiencing pain and it may not be coming from the area of symptoms. Often a child with back pain may have a scoliosis or a foot or knee problem, the problem areas are often not in the area where they are experiencing the pain.

Children and Teenager Posture and Osteopathy

For children and teenagers posture is important, not only to reduce pain but also for presentation, interviews, and communication. Sitting posture is particularly important due to their long hours they spend in front of i-pads, laptops and computers.

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