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Stretching? Strengthening? Tightening your bhanda?

Health benefits of Yoga in KenningtonThroughout time yoga has inspired love and devotion from the health conscious and the body conscious. Apart from Yogalates, Pilyoga and a few other marketing mashups, yoga remains untainted by mechanisation and industrialisation. It continues to adhere to the original principles of 5th century devotional practice. And not only does yoga predate dualism (Descartes’ erroneous separation of mind and body), it continues to promote spirituality as an integral part of humanity. As such it is one of the few truly holistic practices.

The Benefits

Modern yoga fans makes some big claims — from weight loss, to improving sleep to making you feel younger. Numerous  studies demonstrate that yoga can help prevent heart disease, by lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

The Research

Research reveals that yoga can moderate your reaction to and perception of stress. Yoga bumps up levels of the neurotransmitter GABA which both lifts mood and reduces anxiety.

A 2010 study published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine found that active stretching (where the muscle opposite the one being stretched is contracted, as is often the case in yoga poses) resulted in lasting, improved range of motion, while passive stretching actually decreases range of motion.

The Evidence

As a firmly evidence-based practitioners we cannot help but be pleased by the evidence accruing in yoga’s favour. As well as all the demonstrable benefits for wellbeing, it just feels good.

It seems likely that the researchers will catch up with yoga devotees eventually. By starting the practise younger and continuing until we’re much, much older we can genuinely limit the number of invasive medical interventions we undergo in our lives.

Health Benefits of Yoga

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