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Andrea Bartolini (BSc Sports Science, MSc Nutrition), Personal Trainer, has had lifelong passion for sport, movement and human health. He has worked with individual clients for almost ten years, and has developed a particular interest in the muscular system, focusing on strength and conditioning. His undergraduate dissertation examined the use of explosive strength with kettlebell training.

Kettlebells are essentially a handle with a big heavy weight attached (think suitcases, bags, backpacks,shopping carts, door handles etc). Training to lift and move kettlebells in a controlled and powerful way protects against myriad low back, knee, hip and ankle injuries and can be an excellent way to rehabilitate following injury.

In 2014, Andrea embarked on his MSc in Human Nutrition (Public health and Sport) deepening the physiological links between his training programmes for clients and their nutritional status. Working closely with you to achieve your goals, Andrea can help you lose weight, tone up and become stronger. He uses functional training, post-injury re-education (health or sport) and nutritional advice. And if you simply want to develop bigger muscles safely, he can guide you.

I can confess everything to Andrea. He is the best secret-keeper I know. You somehow want to tell him the truth about how you feel about yourself, which means he can help you where it matters. He has the highest professional standards and is completely dedicated to his clients. I have the utmost confidence in him”. Pietro Susini, Clinic Director

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