Andrea Rippe


Osteopathy | Paediatric Osteopathy

Andrea Rippe (B Ost, MSc Paed Ost) graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) in 2004 and worked in several high-profile osteopathic clinics prior to opening her own practice in Kennington.

She has worked with babies and children for many years and has taught at the Children’s Clinic at the BSO at undergraduate level since 2007 and has been lecturing at post-graduate level since 2010. She has a special interest in the osteopathic treatment of babies and children and has helped many patients with a variety of conditions, from symptoms of colic and reflux to developmental problems.

Andrea also works with cranial osteopathy and teaches this at post-graduate level for the Rollin E Becker Institute. She has had success using cranial osteopathy to treat chronic face pain and migraines, chronic back pain, and head traumas. She also uses cranial osteopathy to treat babies who respond very well to gentle manual therapy.

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