Guglielmo (BSc physiotherapy). Our newest physiotherapist and trainee osteopath, Guglielmo played elite rugby for over 10 years and this allowed him to appreciate the sense of empowerment gained by working with others as part of a team, physically, emotionally and professionally. His passion for human function is fuelled by his desire to help relieve people from the difficulties of pain and disability. To this end, he has travelled across Europe working on both sport and community projects and has practised as a physio in sports, clinical and private home settings for 4 years.

Because of its efficiency at treating a wide range of conditions, Gu loves both manual therapy and functional exercise for their power to transform your health. He will address your needs with a completely holistic approach, considering you as an individual with a unique make-up. Gu really values your centrality as patient during your recovery process and will devise specific and bespoke treatment plans for different clinical and subclinical conditions.

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