Kimberley Pledger


Kimberley Pledger (ITEC Diploma Swedish Massage & Physiology, Member Federation of Holistic Therapists)

Having had a successful career in business development, Kimberley decided to have a change of career that would allow her to be both more creative and feel that she was doing something more meaningful (whilst recognising the cliché!)

In 2005, she completed her massage therapy training with Clare Maxwell-Hudson, who pioneered the use of massage in clinical settings.

Having written her dissertation on the effects of massage for patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Kimberley joined St George’s NHS Mental Health Trust in 2009. She achieved excellent outcomes when treating PTSD sufferers who developed touch aversion as a result of their traumatic experiences.

In 2011, she joined the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead as the lead massage therapist for cancer care and set up the weekly Macmillan massage clinic. She has experience of working with people who are being treated palliatively, as well as with people at the very end of their lives.

The benefits of positive touch in the treatment of depression and anxiety are well documented and in her private practice Kimberley enjoys treating people both with formal mental health diagnoses and those suffering with symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

From her own experience of the corporate environment, Kimberley understands how the pressures of corporate life can impact on wellbeing and this guides her massage therapy work with busy professionals.

She believes that the best massage is one that focuses on the areas you highlight as key priorities and that gives your body and mind a space to relax.

Clients get the best of both worlds: a calm space where they can wind down and reconnect with their bodies and a holistic massage to relax, refresh and restore.

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