Pietro Susini


Physiotherapy | Osteopathy | Dry Needling

Pietro Susini completed his BSc Physiotherapy (Honours) from Florence University, Italy in 2009. He developed a particular interest in the assessment and treatment of postural dysfunctions and wrote his dissertation on the treatment of postural diseases in children. Postural re-education became a passion after he studied the Mézières method at post-graduate level.

Pietro considers manual techniques a fundamental tool in treating and managing the rehabilitation of patients for a range of symptoms, from postural and breathing dysfunction, to sports injury and competitive training. He works using traditional physiotherapy as well as Meziere’s method where it is most suitable.

He moved to London to complete a Master of Science in Osteopathy at BSO and graduated as an Osteopath in August 2014.

Pietro decided to integrate his Physio training with the Osteopathic training as he felt the need to achieve better hands on skills to be able to get a deeper understanding of the body tissues’ condition and hence to treat their dysfunctions.

He is now blending in his practice elements to provide patients with the highest quality treatment.

Pietro’s practice runs parallel with his love for horses. His background as a competitive rider led him to appreciate the relationship between human and animal and is currently training to become an animal Osteopath.

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