Personal Training

Personal Training

In the 21st century, office work makes you wealthier but weaker. Your base levels of stress are higher, because you produce adrenalin and cortisol and their associated raised respiration and heart rates to make deadlines for meetings, documents and bosses rather than scoring goals and winning Wimbledon or even chasing your dinner or harvesting your daily bread (and honey).

Functional training

Your body is unique. You have different ranges of joint motion from your partner, or colleagues. You have unique muscle fibre types. You use your body in different ways from everyone else, in the whole world. Given that you must work, usually at a desk, your body needs to train in a unique way. Functional training will lead to stronger more efficient movement patterns, improving your balance, power, and physical confidence. Functional training has a holistic approach, and can be adapted to improve performance and comfort to your requirement, be that writing scripts for an upcoming tv show, advising government, lifting your new baby and your toddler at the same time, or training for a marathon.

Functional training increases your multi-articular (knee, ankle and hip) movements. You move with complex patterns, not for selected and isolated activities such as biceps curls. Functional training emphasizes your natural ability to move in all ranges of movement.

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