Psychotherapy can be described as a walking stick. Sometimes, when you are hurt, you may need the help of a walking stick until you can walk on our own again. Psychotherapy is there to support you and offer something for you to lean on until you feel able to to deal with things by yourself again.

Research shows a direct relationship between emotions such as sadness and stress, and pain levels. By better understanding these emotions and how your body responds to them, psychotherapy can help you to deal with them differently.

Each individual is unique. You all have different emotions and ways of thinking; you feel, manage and react to them in different ways.

From time to time, everyone feels stuck with uncomfortable or unwanted emotions and thoughts that cause us distress and discomfort.

When left unmanaged, these thoughts can lead to depression, anxiety, panic attacks and anger problems that may also affect those around us.

Psychotherapy creates a space where you lean new tools to manage your uncomfortable thoughts or behaviours, experiment with new ways of thinking and acting, or just a space to offload things that are too heavy to hold onto by yourself. Your counsellor, Tiago Brandao, supports you by working with your emotions and thoughts to help you better understand your frustrations and difficulties as well as your strengths and abilities.

“Tiago clearly loves his job and does it brilliantly” Karen D

“I wanted to thank you so much for all your help … I was terribly anxious and unhappy when I first came to see you and … couldn’t imagine that would ever lift and certainly not so soon. It really has made a world of difference though; you have helped me to get some clarity and perspective, which I know I would not have managed on my own. It has definitely changed my outlook on things too –  it had been a long time since I had felt any real sense of confidence or optimism and I am really so grateful for your patience and understanding in all of this.

I would happily recommend Tiago to anyone.” Anna

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