A Running Clinic In The Heart Of Zone 1


A Running Clinic In The Heart Of Zone 1

80% of running injuries are caused by repetitive strain and overuse: with each ground strike, your legs are loaded at 1.5–3 times your body weight. Beginners are more than twice as likely to experience injury – and 50% will never return to running after injury.

Maria Tartasi, consultant physiotherapist/osteopath, is a running technique specialist. She has undertaken extensive post-graduate training in the biomechanics of running and gait functional assessment and impairments.

A running clinic session with Maria starts with an in-clinic initial assessment. This allows her to gather information about your running habits, examine you and formulate a treatment plan.

The examination includes:

  • postural assessment
  • flexibility and range of motion assessment
  • any special joint or spinal tests deemed necessary
  • strength endurance
  • balance and proprioception.
  • functional assessment of running movement patterns.

To avoid injury, a running assessment is recommended for anyone who wishes to start running, or return to running after a period off, for example after injury or pregnancy (women should wait at least 4 months and possibly longer before returning to / starting running to allow their body to recover from pregnancy and birth).

An assessment from a highly qualified running coach will help you achieve your running goals, from 5k to marathon, while avoiding injuries.

Runners of all levels will benefit from a running specialist assessment to gather more insight into their running technique and learn how to master running in order to prevent and address injuries as well as improve performance.

Maria may suggest an outdoor assessment to follow the indoor assessment. This will address:

  • running gait video analysis
  • balance and proprioception
  • agility
  • reactivity, power, endurance
  • speed
  • aerobic fitness
  • anaerobic fitness

Following the assessment Maria will discuss with you her findings and treatment options which might include a combination of manual osteopathic treatment, physiotherapy and exercise plan as well as outdoor running technique training session