Behind The Scenes Of Our Front Of House Team

Behind the scenes of our front house team.

At reception, we are so much more than a bunch of pretty faces.

Alongside rebooking you with your favourite osteo, rearranging your physio appointment, chasing your whereabouts when you are running late, and entertaining you with our witty banter, we aim to facilitate your initial journey with us if you haven’t been to the clinic before (or even if you have, and need new advice). This means that when you call us we’ll have a brief chat with you, to try and assess what kind of treatment would suit you best, and with whom.

You can share with us as little or as much as you want and feel comfortable with. We are not clinicians so we are not able to tell you what exactly will happen during your treatment, or how many sessions you will need, but we know what our practitioners are trained to do, and who does what best. We, therefore, endeavor to recommend the practitioners whose skills most closely match your individual symptoms, condition or goals.

All of us have previously been treated at the clinic ourselves (often as patients before we worked here) so as well as understanding the therapies, we have intimate knowledge of what they’re for, how they work, and have tried them on our own skin (and minds).

Because of all of this, we try to tailor your experience with us as closely as possible, so that you are looked after in a way that is specific to you and your needs.

Although your symptoms are possibly new to you, we’ve almost always come across it before, so feel free to ask detailed questions. And even if your symptoms are quite personal, there are unlikely to be details that we haven’t already dealt with before, and we aim to do this discreetly yet efficiently.

Of course, we are not perfect, so having been past our smiley welcome, your practitioner may conclude after examining and triaging you that your symptoms require you to see a more specialised practitioner such as a colleague or outside the clinic, or that you need further evaluation such as an ultrasound scan or MRI. In the treatment room, once you’re in their hands, they will guide you toward the most suitable options. And then you’ll be back in our exceptionally capable hands for re-booking, payment, invoicing or management of your ongoing referral.

In short, on your path to better health, we are your first, middle and occasionally last port of call, so let’s get talking!