Benefits of massage during ski season

Massage - Benefits of massage during ski season

Why have massage before and after ski season, marathon training and sponsored sports competition?

It’s nearing the end of the ski season, however Spring heralds the start of ski touring adventures in the Alps. As a keen skier, I know the demands the sport can have on our bodies.

Many of us have office jobs and lead relatively sedentary lives. Whilst I try and keep active and relatively fit, consecutive days on the mountain takes its toll, as I use muscles that I’m not accustomed to using.

In downhill skiing the quadriceps (front of thigh) are in a constant state of contraction; other muscles in the lower limb, such as the gluteals in the buttock region and hamstrings (back of thigh), are also important, as well as the peroneus longus (side of lower leg). Any of these muscles can become strained. Whilst the upper body is not heavily involved, it’s easy to feel aches and pains in our upper back and shoulder region.

Not being properly prepared or if our technique lets us down, places even more demand on our bodies.

The benefits of massage during ski season

My massage work has taught me the benefits of this hands-on treatment, both before and after a ski trip.


A massage treatment before your ski trip can help you prepare by:

– loosening up the main muscles that you’ll be using

– checking for any muscular issues or imbalances to help ensure that they don’t become a problem

– enhancing your body’s awareness, so reducing the chance of injury, e.g. identifying where to focus stretching techniques.


When you return from your ski trip, a massage treatment can help to:

– relax tight and over-used muscles, so helping to relieve aches and pains

– Improve the body’s circulation, bringing well-needed nutrients to over-used muscles.

– Improve lymphatic drainage, helping to flush out waste products that have accumulated

– restore optimal muscle tone and increase joint flexibility.

These benefits, and more, promote the body’s own healing system and ultimately help to speed up the recovery process. They are, of course, equally applicable to other sports such as running, circuit training and cycling.


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Written by Susanne Levy

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