Can massage help with headache? 

can massage help headaches

Massage and headaches

This week we are back to our series about headaches as we explore the use of massage to help with headaches.

According to the World Health Association, almost half of the adult population have had a headache at least once within the last year. Not only is headache painful, it is also disabling. Collectively, headaches disorders were found to be the third highest cause worldwide of years lost to disability (Global Burden of Disease Study).

The most common type of headache

Tension-type headaches are the most common type of headache. They cause mild to moderate pain and can feel as if constant pressure is being applied to the front of the face, head or neck. It can also feel as if a belt is being tightened around the head. They can last several hours and come and go over time.
A variety of factors can contribute, including stress, too little sleep, jaw clenching, postural patterns and muscle imbalances.

How massage can help

Studies have shown that massage treatment has the potential to reduce both the frequency and pain of headaches.
Muscles often associated with headaches are those found at the base of the skull, the muscles of the jaw, shoulder muscles and muscles at the back of the neck. An experienced massage therapist will be able to identify the muscles most affected and tailor a treatment.
Sports Massage - can massage help with headaches


A massage treatment will include:

  • general massage techniques, to reduce overall tension and increase blood flow to the tissues
  • trigger point therapy, to alleviate tension at specific points
  • stretching techniques, to further aid relaxation and blood flow
These in turn will promote the body’s own healing system, helping the body to get back to its natural healthy state. A massage treatment also offers valuable ‘time out’ from a busy schedule.
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