Fertility massage

We have a New Treatment - Fertility Massage

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**New Treatment** Women’s Abdominal and Sacral Massage - also known as Fertility Massage At Kennington Osteopaths we pride ourselves in the vast range of regular and alternative treatments we offer. One such treatment is Abdominal and Sacral…
physiotherapy fr all the family

Physiotherapy for the Whole Family

Here at Kennington Osteopaths and Physiotherapy we like to think of physiotherapy as a journey. No matter which stage of your life you are at, whether you are a young professional with no strings or a soon-to-be parent with a lot of worries,…
preparing for surgery

Preparing for Surgery - 6 things you can do

6 Reasons why it’s important to not just sit and wait Being on a waiting list for a bad knee, hip, shoulder or any other joint in your body can be a really frustrating time. It’s tempting to see the surgery date as a reason not to do anything…
personal training packages

Post Surgical Recovery

How to Achieve Post Surgical Recovery At some point in our lives some of us may face the prospect of surgery being the best solution to repairing a body part after injury, illness or through wear and tear. Whilst this can be a painful and traumatic…
Personal Training

7 Reasons for Booking a Personal Training Package

Get Fit for Spring with Personal Training- Start Now! It seems hard to believe that Spring will ever arrive given the chilly and snowy winter we are experiencing at the moment. However, the evenings are getting longer and lighter and it’s…
Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Home visits

Can't get out? Osteopathy or Physiotherapy at home

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When do Home Visits Help? We are always looking at ways to improve our service and make our therapies available to all. Another beneficial service we offer is the facility to visit you in your own home when getting to the practice here in Kennington…
how to manage stress

Tools to Help Manage Stress II (Massage & Dry Needling)

FITNESS AND HEALTH, MENTAL HEALTH How well do you manage stress? As we mentioned in the previous blog on stress management, this time of year can lead to people suffering from a number of seasonal, stress related ailments. Having covered how…
how to manage stress

Tools to Help Manage Stress I (Acupuncture)

How well do you manage stress? Did you know that at least half a million people in the UK experience seasonal stress particularly at this time of year, cold dark January, winter blues, new year, etc. this can often result in unexplained illness…
exercises to protect the ACL after skiing injuries

Skiing injuries and protecting the ACL

Most common of all Skiing Injuries- knee ligament sprains and strains Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears These occur most commonly when you've twisted your knee whilst 'sitting in the back seat'  ie, leaning your weight back over your…

Skiing Exercises to Avoid Injury

Do you change your exercise with the seasons? We get a lot of calls from patients with long-term injuries in January and February a week or two before they go skiing who are desperate to know whether they are at further risk of injury if they…