Assisted Birth and Paediatric Osteopathy

Assisted Birth and Paediatric Osteopathy

If the delivery is taking too long, obstetricians will usually recommend an assisted birth, using ventouse or forceps to help deliver your baby.
Baby taking part in paediatric osteopathy

Can Birth Really Be Traumatic?

Your baby’s body is still very soft during labour allowing them to adapt perfectly to the birth channel by moulding (bending and folding over on itself). In the days following delivery, your baby will naturally begin to ‘unfurl’, aided…
Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Home visits

Can't get out? Osteopathy or Physiotherapy at home

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When do Home Visits Help? We are always looking at ways to improve our service and make our therapies available to all. Another beneficial service we offer is the facility to visit you in your own home when getting to the practice here in Kennington…

Unsettled babies and osteopathy

Unsettled babies and osteopathy  - by Laura Wheatley, MOst, Diploma of Paediatric Osteopathy People often ask us how osteopathy can benefit babies and wonder how our approach in treating them compares with treating adults.  Far and…

Pregnancy and Back Pain

- By Lorna Rose It is estimated that between 47% and 82% of women experience back pain at some point during their pregnancy. The sacroiliac region (the joints at the back of the pelvis) is the site of pain in almost two thirds of cases.…

Baby massage – do they need it?

I get so used to seeing lists of the benefits of manual therapy that I sometimes get ‘benefits’ fatigue. I know from experience that most babies, children and adults enjoy hands-on therapy and research has shown that some conditions are…