Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning

Your sports and exercise performance is based on your body’s ability to perform purposeful movements such as lifting, twisting, bending and pulling either in isolation or in combination with other movements. As a strength and conditioning…
muscle up exercise

A physiotherapist’s perspective on his own disc injury

“The patient is a 35-year old male physiotherapist presenting with severe, worsening right-sided neck and arm pain, and neck stiffness… He reports no previous injuries and has no medical conditions and is generally fit and well.”
Knees predict the weather - treatment

Do your knees predict the weather?

With winter on the horizon and temperatures dropping, I notice my patients increasingly complain of knee stiffness, arthritic pain flare-ups and needing longer time periods to recover from exercise. So, do knees predict the weather? There…
Running after injury

Returning to running after injury

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Many people fear running after injury will either damage their knees and that they shouldn’t run if they’re in pain. This is simply not the case.


DOMS - Post-workout soreness, how does it actually work? Whether you are a beginner or a keen expert in the world of fitness and workout, you will surely be familiar with the widespread soreness and achiness felt in various muscle groups after…
Kinesio taping on knee

Kinesio taping in rehabilitation

You have probably noticed at least once in the past, perhaps while taking a walk in the park, bumping into Bootcamp groups or watching the Olympics on TV, athletes of all kinds wearing funny coloured strips of tape and wondered "what is…
exercises to protect the ACL after skiing injuries

Skiing injuries and protecting the ACL

Most common of all Skiing Injuries- knee ligament sprains and strains Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears These occur most commonly when you've twisted your knee whilst 'sitting in the back seat'  ie, leaning your weight back over your…

Skiing Exercises to Avoid Injury

Do you change your exercise with the seasons? We get a lot of calls from patients with long-term injuries in January and February a week or two before they go skiing who are desperate to know whether they are at further risk of injury if they…