Safe in our hands!

Safe in our hands - PPE

We have worked hard to make it as safe as possible to come to see your osteopath, physiotherapist or psychotherapist at Kennington Osteopaths & Physiotherapy. Thanks to our large premises it is possible for us to practice in several treatment rooms and still have enough space for patients in our two waiting areas in order to maintain social distance.

The other great advantage of our premises is very good ventilation through reception via both our staircases and external windows in all the treatment rooms we are using.

For more detail on the measures we take to protect you during your appointment see our checklist below:

Protecting patients and staff

  • Patients fill in Covid19 symptoms / disclaimer form on receipt of appointment reminder 2 days prior to appointment
  • Treatment rooms allow for patients to enter via different routes (corridor / middle room) to allow social distancing
  • Two stairways, two toilets, 3 treatment rooms on 2 floors and reduced number of therapists during any shift (currently a maximum of 3) allows social distancing
  • All in-clinic staff and their households are in low-risk categories
  • Telehealth appointments are available for patients in high-risk categories or those who are isolating

In clinic sessions including PPE

  • All treatment rooms have sufficient space to allow social distancing during taking of case history
  • PPE used: single use surgical masks worn by therapist and discarded at end of shift. Patients requested to bring own mask or given fresh surgical mask to wear if needed.
  • Visors available for therapists if using techniques likely to trigger aerosol; single use plastic long-sleeve aprons available
  • Disinfecting / handwashing: patients use handgel at reception; all treatment rooms have hand washing facilities.
  • 15 minute interval between patients to allow therapist to wipe down plinth and pillows and door handles
  • 15 minute interval between patients allows rooms to be aired
  • Therapists wash hands before each treatment, during and after each treatment
  • Receptionists sit behind a screen and have disinfecting wipes for all surfaces and equipment used by more than one person
  • Reception area and downstairs corridor seating allows for social distancing for 3 treatment rooms concurrently
  • Chip and pin machine is disinfected after each use

Premises hygiene

  • Clinic has been decluttered to reduce surface areas for cleaning. 3 times per week all door handles, surfaces, kitchen cupboard handles and kitchen equipment handles are disinfected with bleach solution. Receptionists wipe all handles in public spaces at beginning and end of shift and once during their shift (totalling 6 times per day).
  • Plinth covers and pillow cases removed. Plinths and pillow cases now plastic and disinfected between patients. Therapists use own clean hand towel or paper towels per shift. Hand towels are laundered at 60 degrees.


If you require any further information about our safeguarding measures or infection control policy please give us a call on 02077356813 or email