Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning

Your sports and exercise performance is based on your body’s ability to perform purposeful movements such as lifting, twisting, bending and pulling either in isolation or in combination with other movements.

As a strength and conditioning professional my work is grounded in fitness and performance. My goal is to reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance by prescribing exercises tailored to you.

Strength and conditioning coaches specialise in musculoskeletal function. We have also mastered the science behind your neuromuscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems (as well as the principles of biomechanics and strength training). These systems all provide essential support in maintaining and enhancing your muscular power and fitness.

Resistance training is a specialised form of conditioning whereby an individual works against a range of loads in order to improve performance, fitness and health. It is recommended for both women and men of all ages.

Your outcomes from resistance training include pure muscular strength, power (the ability to apply strength to tasks), body composition (increased muscle and reduced fat), endurance, flexibility, aerobic capacity and motor performance while also hugely benefitting the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

I develop and deliver each session by tailoring a plan based on your skill and fitness levels (which includes measures such as blood pressure as well as range of movement testing). The session involves appropriate warm-up, main training programme, cool-down and home care advice.

Here’s what people have said…

“Being an osteopath and personal trainer meant that Ionut not only understood and treated my various aches and pains, but also built me a physical training program specifically suited to my needs… he made the process fun building my body and my confidence and ensured I did neither too little nor too much. Whilst staying injury-free my BMI has plummeted to 22 from 26, my blood pressure has dropped from a colossal 150/100 to a desirable 110/70 and my belief in my health and fitness has rocketed from 0 to off the scale!”

Written by Sorin-Ionut Dumbrava