Hip pain or back pain?

Hip pain or back pain?

Hip pain or back pain? Don't be misled! Hip joint and lower back are anatomically located very close to one another. Sometimes when we are in pain, it isn't very clear where the source of it actually is and this leads to a misjudgement of what…
back braces

Back braces

Back braces - a yes or a no? Osteopaths and physiotherapists come across different conditions causing back pain every day. From serious disc injuries that can be hugely debilitating to milder muscular strains of postural origin. The common…
frozen shoulder symptoms and treatment

Frozen shoulder symptoms and treatment

Frozen shoulder is the commonly used name for adhesive capsulitis, a condition that causes the shoulder to be painful and stiff. The diagnosis of frozen shoulder can be difficult to make as usually there isn't evidence for major tissue damage…
What is a slipped disc - physiotherapy

What is a slipped disc?

What is a ‘slipped’ disc and what should you do about it? Discs are 'spacers' between each vertebra to give our spines lots of mobility. They contain a squidgy centre called the nucleus, surrounded by thick fibrous walls. A disc 'bulge'…
Frida Kahlo pain management

Art in the management of pain!

Pain is a very personal experience, it isn't something that shows up on a scan or that can be objectively measured. Putting pain into words can be very difficult and as much as we try, it is often hard to convey the right type of sensation to…
headache treatment patient

An osteopathic approach to headache

An osteopathic approach to headache - a clinical case I recently had the pleasure of meeting and treating a patient whose history and symptoms represent an ideal osteopathic case study. This week's blog details the case in the hope that telling…
Tendinopathies - inflammation of a forearm extensor muscle

What causes forearm, knee and ankle pain

What causes forearm, knee and ankle pain and what you can do about it What is a tendon? Tendons are the tensile white tissue at either ends of a muscle and attach the muscle to the bone. Tendons aren't very flexible -- they have developed…
treatment of scar tissue - wood

Manual treatment of scar tissue

Manual treatment of scar tissue and post-surgical sites The role of collagen Collagen is a natural substance produced by the body and present in all its parts; from skin and bone to muscles, tendons and ligaments. Embryologically collagen…
Baby - first trimester of pregnancy

First trimester of pregnancy

Your first trimester is THE TIME to start thinking about BABY PREHAB! In your first trimester you might feel completely normal, completely dreadful, or somewhere in between. Managing fatigue and nausea (without letting on why) is not just…
Image of baby - help with fertility blog

Can physiotherapy help with fertility?

How can osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture help with fertility? At every stage of conception whether assisted or natural, the function of your, and your partner's, reproductive organs needs to be in good shape. Just like…