Woman in first trimester of pregnancy

First trimester of pregnancy

Your first trimester is THE TIME to start thinking about BABY PREHAB! In your first trimester you might feel completely normal, completely dreadful, or somewhere in between. Managing fatigue and nausea (without letting on why) is not just…
Reformer Pilates

Treating Tendinopathy with Pilates

How does Pilates help with tendinopathy? Quite often we see patients with tendinopathy, it is a condition stemming from the tendons.  Tendons attach muscles to bones and also transmit forces from muscles to bone.  Tendinopathy covers a…
Kennington Wunda chair pilates

How does the Wunda Chair work?

The “Wunda” chair really does work “wonders” What is it? Originally designed by Joseph Pilates himself as one of the comprehensive and versatile pieces of pilates equipment. It is basically a box with pedals attached to springs, providing…

4 surprising conditions Pilates helps treat!

Welcome back to our blog where we aim to educate and inform about all the goodness Kennington and our services have to offer.  This fabulous Friday we would like to let you know about 4 surprising conditions Pilates can help treat and then…

Pilates for scoliosis, how does it help?

Pilates for scoliosis, how does it help? - by Chrisen Hall Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine. The severity of the curve differs from person to person and scoliosis is very common in the UK and it affects all ages. According…