Tools to Help Manage Stress I (Acupuncture)

how to manage stress

How well do you manage stress?

Did you know that at least half a million people in the UK experience seasonal stress particularly at this time of year, cold dark January, winter blues, new year, etc. this can often result in unexplained illness and feeling down or depressed.

Apart from keeping yourself healthy with good nutrition and regular exercise it can be worth investigating some alternative therapies to help combat some of these issues.

This series of blogs will cover a number of treatments available here at Kennington which include; Acupuncture/Facial Acupuncture, Massage Therapy/Dry Needling and Counselling/Psychotherapy.

The symptom picture for stress is generally variable depending on individuals. For example, illness, tiredness and lethargy, short tight muscles, dull skin, lank hair, erratic sleep pattern can all point to the fact that you’re under stress.

Mental stress can result in depression, mood swings, anger, frustration, check the rest of our stress management series for more information.

Therapy 1 – Acupuncture and Facial Acupuncture

Small randomised controlled trials demonstrate successful treatment of chronic stress via the stimulation of the central nervous system and the regulation of neurochemical messengers  which restore physical and psychological well being.

Acupuncture - helps to manage stress


It also has been shown to reduce inflammation and modulate pain as well as alter the brain mood chemistry to combat negative states.

Facial acupuncture can brighten the skin without chemicals, needles are inserted in pressure points releasing energies and endorphins. It also improves blood flow and stimulates cell re-growth whilst encouraging the production of healing collagen which is fundamental to skin elasticity and plumpness.

If you think you might have any of the symptoms outlined above please get in contact and our highly trained therapists will be happy to discuss the various treatments on offer.

Coming soon, our next post on stress management –  Therapy 2: massage/dry needling.


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