How does the Wunda Chair work?

Kennington Wunda chair pilates

The “Wunda” chair really does work “wonders”

What is it?

Originally designed by Joseph Pilates himself as one of the comprehensive and versatile pieces of pilates equipment. It is basically a box with pedals attached to springs, providing resistance against exercise. The pedals can be separated and handles may be attached allowing for a myriad of exercises to keep things fun and interesting.wunda chair and back pain

How is it used?

If you have experienced a Pilates reformer the wunda chair (although smaller and more compact) can do much the same plus more. It allows adaptations for people who may be unable to get down on a low reformer (ie elderly or acutely injured) or for those who may experience dizziness when lying down. The wunda chair trains the whole body for strength, flexibility and mobility in an exhaustive number of positions such as seated, standing and lying on or off the apparatus.

How can it help?

The wunda chair is exceptional for retraining imbalances within the musculoskeletal-skeletal system and “core” muscles in those who suffer from:

  • back pain
  • pregnancy related pelvic pain (PGP)
  • neck pain
  • posture retraining
  • arthritis pain
  • and much more

At Kennington Osteopaths and Physiotherapy, we treat a lot of women who suffer from pelvic girdle pain or other pregnancy related pains. The wunda chair has been a revelation for us successfully retraining and stabilising the pelvis to ease discomfort in women with PGP.
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