Zone Facelift

Zone Face Lift

I’ve really never fancied ‘pampering’. Maybe it’s the word pamper, which to my American-trained ear has too much of a whiff of babies and wet wipes about it… Or maybe it’s the spa thing — I always wonder what makes therapists who may never see their client again care about their work?

But my 50 years have begun to weigh upon me, and somewhere I lost my mojo. And it showed: in a perma-frown of grumpiness creating its own negative feedback loop; the loss of my unchic but youthful chubby cheeks was accompanied by ‘marionette’ lines and a semipermanent undereye puffiness; plus one ‘tethered’ eyelid;  and increasingly mossy looking skin round my mouth. With the loss of my youthful chubby cheeks some helpful cheekbones emerged so it wasn’t a disaster, but still – some mornings I look pretty much knackered.

So, I’ve my interest in pampering/well-being treatments grew. I tried this and that: a smidge of botox (9 months and 5 years ago); a smidge of filler in the marionette lines (3 years ago); micro-needling (last month) and the odd great facial.

None of these blew me away (apart from when the tethered upper eyelid disappeared – which I interpreted joyfully as the first session of micro-needling, but which might just have been the frown line botox wearing off)!

And then, purely in the interests of research, I had Facial Acupressure with our newest therapist Suprina. Wow! That wasn’t just a bit of surface pressing and wiping. She was treating my facial structures in a way that felt really great. And I wanted more…

So I went back for a Zone Face Lift.  And my oh my oh my. This was like the facial workout of my dreams. Combining deep acupressure points, lymphatic drainage, acupuncture roller, jade blade, and Suprina’s supremely confident hands it feels like a real well-being treatment.

Suprina focuses on conditioning the muscles under the lines and uses lots of different techniques to stimulate collagen production as well as lymphatic drainage techniques. She clearly knows facial anatomy and it felt so good. I can’t wait to see what I look like tomorrow, and after the next few sessions!